Twenty years working as a music educator have taught me one thing: focus on each individual’s musical growth. My students are diverse, learning a wide range of styles on both acoustic and electric guitars. “Bringing together musical worlds” is my motto. As your teacher, I’ll help you:

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My Philosophy

With time I have come to appreciate the importance of ecological thinking in music. The close relationship between key words in each context – “conservation” of the environment, the “conservatory” in music education – reflects this parallel. In environmentalism, the tree has become the fundamental symbol of our effort to save the planet. As a music educator, I also see the tree, and particularly its trunk (here the German word “Stamm” is so much better!), as a guiding metaphor. As a musician and teacher, I frequently think about how what I am doing relates to what has come before, how our musical language goes way back in time and is rooted in different places around the world. Sure, we all love hearing new music that grabs us. Yet since we are constantly listening for the new, we often fail to notice how effortlessly the “old” is flowing. Not in the sense of playing in a retro or historical style, but in good musicians' intuitive ability to work the language, to make music without thinking  to tell a story.