The pieces of music I love most are open windows for the ears, for the mind.


“Diese CD verdient mehr als ein flüchtiges Ohrenmerk, führt sie doch einmal mehr den Klangbeweis, dass sich die Gitarre wie kaum ein anderes Instrument darauf versteht, musikalische Welten zusammenzuführen und zu einer kreativen Koexistenz zu bringen...“


“This CD deserves more than a cursory hearing, since it demonstrates once again that the guitar, like hardly any other instrument, is able to bring musical worlds together in creative coexistence...”


Thanks to Akustik Gitarre, Germany’s top magazine for acoustic guitar!

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Almost half a year has passed since the CD release in June, and the disc is making its way well in the world, getting positive reviews and airplay. Other news begins with TWO CONCERTS IN DECEMBER.

Work on my new book The 9 Shapes of Harmony is going well. The draft version of the first chapter is already finding interested readers. Find out more HERE.

Last but not least, I am pleased to announce that with my new bike trailer I am now a carbon neutral performer, at least for gigs in Vienna. Read more under ARTISTS 4 FUTURE.